Winter weather is upon us, and as usual the forecast is for weather so cold that it could freeze Uranus off the map.

As you probably didn’t know, Uranus is located in such a locale that it receives the tail end of many winter storms, and as we all know, they can have a real nasty kick.

Uranus’ Very Handsome Mayor Big Louie tells travelers that “if you plan to visit Uranus and take in the sights, especially the world famous fudge factory located in the bottomland on the outskirts of Uranus, you’ll need to drive carefully to negotiate your way through some really nasty precipitation that could potentially affect Uranus”

Here are some winter travel tips for visiting Uranus.

  • Keep your wipers clean. The snow falls fast in Uranus, and Mayor Big Louie says you should make sure that you “get a clean wipe every time”.
  • Make sure you have new tires. You may have to put on the brakes fast if you see a traffic pileup, and you don’t want to leave skidmarks around Uranus.
  • Watch out for noxious gases. Even in the winter, Uranus is subject to periodic gas leaks, so be careful you don’t get overcome by fumes.
  • Don’t leave anything in Uranus. Big Louie says visitors are always welcome, but he cautions that visitors should always help Keep Uranus Clean and please don’t leave anything behind.

If you use common sense and drive safely you’ll have a pleasant visit to Uranus even in the middle of winter. And what could be better than visiting the World Famous Uranus Fudge Factory, where you’ll be served by the happy crew of Fudge Packers who really know their way around Uranus and can tell you everything about the fudge packing process.

It’s always exciting to visit, even when Uranus is Cold and Frozen……. because you never know what you’ll find when you visit Uranus!

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