Want to be famous?

Do you want to be famous in Uranus?

We love visitors stopping in Uranus and they tell us some great stories about who they are and where they’re from. There have been people from all over the world in Uranus. Uranus has hosted people from Scotland, Ireland, Russia, Africa, Japan, and all points in between, as well as all 50 states.

We love hearing our visitors’ stories and thought it would be fun to make them famous in Uranus. Have you ever cruised through Uranus? We want to hear your story!

What made you stop and check out Uranus? What was your favorite part about your visit? How far did you come to get to Uranus? Do you have a funny Uranus joke? These are all things we love hearing about our visitors, as well as their stories about where they’re going and where they’re from.

If you’d like to share your story and become famous in Uranus, email [email protected] and send a photo from your visit. We’d like to feature you on our blog.