Uranus Looks Good On Film


Uranus Looks Good On Film

The Uranus film crew has been recording every inch of Uranus. Bringing you more
funny videos than ever before.

Uranus Marketing Team
(From Right) Brian Keith, Noah Jones, Tiffany Baker, Ali Majaz, Aleksei Baturin


Filming Miss Tiffany In Uranus


Tiffany: Doesn’t everyone hire a film crew during a Pandemic? Well, that’s not what Louie and I set out to do, but that’s what happened. And because Louie has the restraint of a kid in a candy store, we ended up hiring four film guys instead of one which was the original plan. He played it off as collecting boy toys for me to boss around. To be honest, I wasn’t too upset about the thought of that at the time. Little did I know, I would soon be dealing with four more versions of Louie. Imagine being the only girl, working with five guys, in a place where making jokes is the main part of the job. Oh, and 99.9% of those jokes are directed towards me. At least it seems that way sometimes. I feel like their little sister who they constantly tease and make fun of, but I know it’s not serious. They’d all have my back in a heartbeat and protect me from anything if need be. To me, that’s what makes us more than just coworkers. We are a family.
Enough from me though. I have asked each one of them to write a short paragraph on how they view our group dynamic. More specifically, how they view their relationship with me. I am not sure if they will admit to how much they tease me, but I am hoping…

Brian: For the past 3 years, I’ve had the opportunity to work a lot of sports and news with-in my field. I’ve loved it, but it’s very straightforward and lackluster at times. So when I got the opportunity to jump back into comedy, it was a no brainer for me. I made the leap and haven’t looked back. After being here going on 6 months, I find that our team is developing that chemistry that’s needed to continue pushing forward. As we crank out new ideas, it’s actually rather fun as we sit there giggling like school boys over the immaturity that we constantly get to release. Tiffany, is kinda like the mom of our team. She is by far the oldest and most mature out of all of us, so we make sure to follow her lead. I know she wants us to talk about the teasing, but there really isn’t that much. I mean, we respect our work mom and want to make sure that she stays happy. Always yes ma’am, no ma’am. She is one of the main people here and we just want her to know the love and respect we have for her. Thank you Tiffany, and remember, age is only a number, don’t worry about being older than us, we don’t hold it against you or care.


NoahI really enjoy being part of our little marketing team here in Uranus. I think we all have a good group dynamic. We get our work done and can be professional, but there is also a lot of joking that happens throughout the day. I’ll be honest, a lot of those jokes are directed towards Tiffany. It is just hard not to mess with her. She is an incredibly gullible person with an infectious laugh. I think she is definitely like a little sister to all of us, even though she is much, much older than me. Okay, I only added that last part because I know she’ll yell at me whenever she reads it. That’s okay though. I am used to her yelling things like, “Stop!” and “I hate you guys!” while she laughs at our jokes. This actually happens quite a bit whenever I’m editing footage of her. I often times will accidentally stop on a frame where she has a very unflattering face. In those moments, I always have a choice. Do I just continue editing and act like I didn’t see anything? Or, do I take the time to get my phone out, take a picture of her face and send it to her (and usually Brian.) The answer is always the second one. Once the message goes through, I anxiously wait to hear her reaction in the other room. Most of the time, she just shouts, “Why!?” while she laughs. This has happened enough times that I actually have a pretty good collection of these ‘embarassing face’ photos. I think one day I will make a calendar with them. They will make great office Christmas presents.


“The last thing I will say is, we only mess with Tiffany because we care about her.

I think she knows that.”

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    – Noah Jones


Ali MajazWhen I first started working at Uranus, I had no idea what I was getting into. I wish I did. My past experience of working in higher education allowed me to understand a few things about working in the USA. I thought Tiffany was going to be like a regular supervisor which I’ve had before, but I am glad that more than my boss, Tiffany is my friend.
She made it sound like we give her a hard time by cracking jokes at her 99.9% of the time. The fact is, she loves hanging out with us. She’d be bored to death if it wasn’t for us entertaining her 99.9% of the time at work. What I really like about this ‘marketing gang’ is that I can be myself amongst this group. They barely miss a chance to pull my leg, but I never let them get off the hook either. You need patience to handle my energy, especially when I am on my energy pills. Tiffany has learned over the period of 6 months to handle me and get the best out of me. That is what makes me feel comfortable in Uranus. I think she is the teddy bear of this marketing team and I love her the way she is, sassy, funny and caring.

AlekseiHonestly, at the beginning I wanted to say how great this place is, but everybody said it already.
My interaction with the film crew and miss Tiffany is kinda weird, because I don’t speak much English, but we understand each other non-verbally. Tiffany is really funny. She laughs all the time. I haven’t seen her not laughing yet. I think she does it even when she sleeps! Her laugh is really contagious and everyone likes it. She is more a friend to us than a manager, and this is really important. She is really kind and caring.

“I wish every job would have their own Tiffany. (Maybe we can clone her one day?)”

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 – Aleksei Baturin


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