Uranus Examiner probes Uranus with Mayor Louie Keen Interview

The Uranus Examiner knows what the public wants. It wants Uranus.

The people want to get a full, penetrating look inside Uranus. They want to see the driving force behind Uranus. That is to say, they want to see the Mayor. But, more than that, they want to see the man who stands behind the title.

We all know that the most satisfying part of watching Scooby-Doo was always removing the monster’s mask and finding the politician and/or land developer underneath. In a three-part interview with Uranus Examiner Managing Editor Natalie Sanders, the Mayor removes his proverbial mask and lets the public gaze upon him, and see him for what he truly is. Handsome. Humble. And, most importantly, some other really great word that starts with H.

Mayor Louie gave the Uranus Examiner a deep look inside Uranus and what makes the mayor tick. Part one of the interview reveals Mayor Louie’s deeply humble and handsome nature.