Manager Tina Begs For Information on Lost Willy in Uranus

URANUS, MO–– As the search continues for the Uranus Fudge Factory’s beloved little Willy, Tina Elliot, manager of the Fudge Factory, holds a press conference pleading with the nation to lend Uranus their support and help find little Willy.

Elliot delivers her heart-wrenching statement surrounded by her fellow employees, all equally disturbed by the recent tragedy. “Please,” says Elliot,  “if anyone has any information about what might have happened to him or has seen him… please, contact the Uranus Fudge Factory or the Uranus Police Department.”

Anyone who’s heart doesn’t break for her is surely as cold as whoever is behind this horrific crime.

To echo Elliot, please contact Uranus authorities with any information you might be able to provide regarding Willy’s disappearance.