The Launch of Uranus Films! Season Negative 1, Episode 1

From the desk of the Mayor of Uranus, The Honorable and Handsome Louie Keen


4 years ago today, we opened the back door to Uranus and let the world come in to enjoy it!  I really want to thank the 1,000,000+ people who have come through our doors and explored Uranus in that time.

Today is also a big day for us as we announce the launch of Uranus Films.

This is a project I have been working on getting started for many years.  My new COO, Joe Grace has had a long and successful career in the entertainment and film/video world (plus a lot more) I will discuss him and his career in a future episode

I have a few other well known people in the industry who are going to be a part of this, but I am saving that info for an upcoming episode as well.  It is my understanding that I am supposed to create “mystery” so people will keep coming back for more?  Is that right?

Just as a point of reference, I am obviously not a film maker (yet) as you will see soon, but I am a pretty decent script writer and have a moderately acceptable sense of humor. However, with the right group of people joining us we can create some awesome things. The “Peeing in Uranus” video was produced from one of the many scripts I have written and want to produce in the near future

Over the past couple of years, we have been approached by several cable channels and production companies to create a Reality Show in Uranus.  However, I wanted to keep control of the narrative, so I have been buying equipment and am now learning how to use it and how to create great videos and cinematic films, plus I am putting together a team of people capable of doing it.

That is what this first season “Negative 1”  is all about. Myself and the team in Uranus learning how to use all this equipment, finding and recruiting people to join the team, building our other businesses while also expanding our operational ones.  It will be quite the task and I hope you have fun watching it.

There is more to the story below the video.  Here is Season Negative 1, Episode 1   The Story of Uranus




-1,01: The Story of Uranus
      My first attempt at making a decent video. This showcases Uranus and what I am wanting to try and accomplish

02: The New Ventures in Uranus
We will discuss our plans for the
A. Uranus Films (and the warehouse studio)
B. The Uranus Brewery
C. The UFO Landing Pad (AKA a Brick in Uranus)
D. The Wedding Chapel/Photography Studio
E. The Petting Zoo
F. the reopening of the Uranus Axhole

03: Who we need to hire
 What staff do we need to hire to make this happen?  Who has already joined us in Uranus and how you can join us too.

04:  Pulling Money from Uranus
How we are going to try and pay for all this. We are going to have a serious discussion about getting a brick in Uranus in this episode

05: Uranus is expanding
Not only the new businesses we are opening, but our other businesses are growing as well. This episode will cover the expansion plans over the next 24 months

06: A chance to get $50,000 from Uranus
  Have you watched the shows?  There was a clue in each to win a chance to win $50,000, plus we will talk about the Brick in Uranus

07: How the heck will I learn all of this?

    I have to learn how use this equipment and how  to make videos/shows, I will answer the burning question of who has already joined the team in Uranus  (prepare to be impressed that this many big names are joining us, especially since Uranus is so tiny……right now anyway)

08: Let’s Talk about Uranus
  Finalizing the plan and launching the Bricks in Uranus

 Discussing the shows we want to produce by Uranus Films

09: Thru 16: To be announced soon

We are building something great here and now is the time to be a part of it.

Join Us! We are looking for several different positions in Uranus, from film staff and comedy writers, to web and graphics staff.



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