The Buzz of The Uranus Examiner


It’s gone viral! Yesterday’s announcement of the upcoming publication of the Uranus Examiner has spread well beyond the boundaries of Uranus and Pulaski County. Thanks in part to some resistance from local government, and a short story on KY3 news, the Uranus Examiner is now known nationwide.

News outlets across the nation have been quick to pick up the story from Uranus. The Uranus Examiner’s office has been flooded with requests for subscriptions from all over the world. Who would have thought that a short announcement in a small-town Chamber of Commerce meeting would spread as quickly as it has?

Uranus Examiner staff were overwhelmed, today, as their story was published in major news outlets across the nation and beyond. The Uranus Examiner and its editor, Natalie Sanders, have been mentioned in major news outlets from The New York Times and Washington Post all the way to the Seattle Times, as well as other countries like the United Kingdom and Canada. The story has also hit major online news outlets like Yahoo News and Bing.com News.

This is an incredible day for the paper that has yet to publish anything, but don’t worry folks, the paper will be here. The Uranus Examiner is planning its first publication in mid to late October. Watch for announcements.

In the mean-time, the staff is thrilled to announce that subscriptions are available for people living out of its coverage area, as well as advertising and sponsorships.

Below is a mockup of Layout of the “Supporters and Sponsors” Page….which are limited availability in our Inaugural Edition!

You can contact Managing Editor Natalie Sanders at [email protected]

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or [email protected]