The Best Valentine’s Day Gifts Come From Uranus!

There’s a tingle in Uranus. No, not from the cold weather, but from the excitement for Valentine’s Day. Uranus loves Valentine’s Day; the candy, the cuddling, the gifts, or, if you don’t have a Valentine, just the candy. When you think about what to get your Valentine, the first place to look is in Uranus. There are all kinds of great Valentine’s Day things you can get from Uranus.

Everybody knows the best fudge comes from Uranus. But, did you know Uranus makes special fudge just for Valentine’s Day? Check out the new conversation heart fudge.  You can even have a custom message written, as long as it fits. Not looking for fudge? As if that is really a thing. No worries, Uranus has chocolate dipped marshmallows, frosted rice krispie bars, chocolate hearts, and a selection of red and white taffy. Uranus also makes candy bouquets for those of you who really want to show off.

If you are really looking for a romantic gift, Uranus is the place to go. Our famous chocolate dipped strawberries are back, but only for Valentine’s Day. You know what pairs excellently with chocolate dipped strawberries (and increases the romantic level)? Pink moscato. Who wouldn’t want to be surprised with chocolate dipped strawberries and pink moscato? Well, probably Manager Tina. She is extremely allergic to strawberries. She even calls them devilberries. But that just means more for you.

Still not satisfied? Still need that gift that just really tells it like it is? That “special message” you need to share? Your Valentine wants to know exactly how you really feel, so proclaim that message by giving them an I Love Uranus shirt. They will know how you truly feel and they can show it off to the world.  No matter what, you can always find the perfect gift in Uranus. Nothing says I Love You better than a gift straight from Uranus.

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