Spring Has Exploded in Uranus!

Spring has certainly sprung–– and it’s spreading its seed all over Uranus! A community-wide initiative to herald in the season took place this morning, and not without a few hands getting dirty.

“When you’re rooting around Uranus–– and we were rooting deep!–– you’ve got to be open to getting a little messy,” comments local volunteer Kim Huffman.

“Through all of the sweat and the strain, you’ve just gotta keep pushing. By the end of it, you know you’re bound to be left feeling immensely satisfied.” Mayor Louie Keen had nothing but accolades for the splash of color these volunteers have added to his humble, homely town. “This is what makes the stress of politics all worthwhile,” says Keen. “Being able to lean in and breathe the sweet smell of Uranus.”

When prompted to share his thoughts regarding the threat of potential vandals, the mayor had this to say. “We are a town of strong morals and low crime. No one is going to deflower Uranus.”