Look Who’s Famous in Uranus!


All kinds of visitors enter Uranus throughout the year and we love to see and hear from you. This group traveled all the way down from Kansas City just to see us! How cool is that?

Dave McDaniel told us that his group doesn’t really have a name, but they all either work for or are retired from the Missouri Department of Transportation. Apparently, since their visit, they’ve started calling themselves “Old Farts in Uranus” and the name has sort of stuck. We love it! Thanks Dave.

“Our group made the Uranus Fudge Factory a destination motorcycle ride from Kansas City. We all work or are retired from the same place and have regular shenanigan get togethers. We Love Love Love Uranus. Our group never had so much fun on a ride. Pictured left to right. Darren & Vicky, Lisa & Steve, Karen, Kimberly, Terri, Kimberly’s husband Vernon, my wife JoAnne, ME! Dave. And Jimmy, Terri’s hubby. We’re already planning a fall trip back, can’t wait to see what you do for Halloween. Thanks for keeping Route 66 alive!” Dave said.