I Caught Mommy Giving Santa Fudge From Uranus!

Forget cookies! Santa wants Fudge from Uranus!
Santa loves fudge for Christmas!

Everyone loves Fudge From Uranus… Including Santa Claus!
Christmas is around the corner and the Fudge elves are busy preparing all the fudge from Uranus to be delivered to good little shoppers all over the U.S. Did you know you can pre-order and tell us what date you want it shipped? However, remember to specify in enough time for Christmas! We don’t have any control over how fast or slow the post office is.

Watch the Uranus News Report on YouTube!

Uranus News Report makes its YouTube debut
Can’t get enough of Uranus? We can’t either!  Especially the news about Uranus. As you may know, Mayor Louie is a news junkie and a famous cub reporter and he felt it was high time that Uranus started broadcasting the news. It’s scheduled for a November 20th release. Watchers won’t want to miss the News From Uranus and to ensure you don’t miss a minute of this show
or any of the best stuff from Uranus, subscribing to the Uranus YouTube channel will make sure you’re always informed about what’s happening in Uranus. 

There are no turkeys in Uranus, just big packages! Save 20% and get free shipping on the Turkey Day Package.

No Turkeys in Uranus by Order of the Mayor!
ICYMI, the last time, we chatted… Nobody wants a turkey in Uranus, but big packages are always welcome – at least that was the declaration Mayor Louie handed down earlier this week. Don’t miss the Turkey Day Package and save 20% plus free shipping!