How Do We Come Up With This Stuff?

Have you ever wondered how Uranus comes up with so many ideas for our products, billboards, and ads?  No, we don’t have a secret stash of 13 year-olds writing for us, but now that I think about it, that’s not a bad idea.  You might even be amazed to know there really isn’t much brain power put into developing our slogans. Seriously, it’s Uranus we are talking about.  It is not hard to come up with funny things related to Uranus.

Of all our products, we get the most questions about our shirts and who comes up with this stuff?  The answer really is everybody. Some ideas come from our visitors or are submitted on our Facebook page.  Other ideas come from the people of Uranus. Most of the ideas come from Mayor Louie and his fun sense of humor.  The humble Mayor often boasts that he has over 100 ideas ready to go but doesn’t want to overwhelm visitors. That, and we just don’t have the space to display any more than what we already have.

Uranus currently offers 14 different shirt designs to tickle the funny bones of visitors.  Why 14? Well, we stopped at 14 because 15 seemed a little excessive. Don’t worry, we still have plenty of ideas and plan to retire and replace shirts in our inventory over time.

Our shirts highlight various departments and areas in Uranus, with a few extras thrown in for fun (don’t worry, we do not have an actual mortuary in Uranus, yet).  Each department has their own slogan, the Uranus Police are here “to protect and serve Uranus” while the Union Plumbing Company has been “laying quality pipe in Uranus since 2013.”  The most popular shirt we have is the classic Uranus Fudge Factory with the slogan “the best fudge comes from Uranus.”

In a break from the ordinary, one of our newest designs, the Uranus Space Force, was selected as part of an online contest.  The Mayor created a contest for the design and slogan. As of this writing, the winning design had been selected, but slogan submissions were still being reviewed.  The new Uranus Space Force design and slogan will be arriving in the upcoming weeks. But for now you will just have to settle for the 14 we already have.