Five Odd Things You Can Find in Uranus

Uranus is famous for fudge, but there are a whole bunch of odd things you can find while rummaging through Uranus.  Taking a deeper look inside, you may be surprised by some of the items you might find. We took a look around at all the fun, odd things that can be found in Uranus and picked our five favorites.

1.  Lavatory Mists


Lavatory Mists.  Be it Brave Fart, Vladimir Pootin, or even Fifty Shades of Brown, there is a lavatory mist to make Uranus smell better.  Designed specifically to help with those notoriously smelly bathroom users, these mists can make life better for everyone.

2.   Hillbilly Weather Nuts

Hillbilly Weather Nuts.  Tapping into the Ozark roots in Uranus, this product tells you exactly what the weather is doing.  Simply place the Hillbilly Weather Nuts outside and observe. They even have a handy explanation of how to tell what the weather means.

3.   Insect Candy

Insect Candy. Yes, there are bugs in Uranus, and you can eat them.  There is an entire section of edible insect products. Interested in eating a scorpion inside of a sucker, or some chocolate covered ants?  Uranus has you covered. There are ant, cricket, scorpion, and worm products ready for the discerning palate to enjoy. Unfortunately, this item isn’t available to purchase online, but you can stop in the Uranus Fudge Factory and take a look at them.

4.  Bacon Everything

A whole bunch of bacon.  Are you a bacon lover?  Uranus has you covered. You won’t find any freshly cooked bacon waiting for you, but there are a whole lot of bacon-flavored products.  From bacon mints, bacon gum, and gummy bacon all the way to bacon cotton candy and bacon popping candy, Uranus has it all. Face it, bacon is meat candy.  In Uranus, you can get candy versions of meat candy.

5.  Pickled stuff

 Pickled what?  The hardworking people at Uranus Farms love pickles.  They will pickle just about anything. Along with the common picked items like cucumbers and jalapenos, how about pickled eggs?  Uranus Farms has spicy pickled eggs as well as quail eggs. Beets, asparagus, green beans, or green tomatoes? Yup, Uranus Farms has pickled it.  Uranus Farms has even pickled garlic, squash, and watermelon rinds. Pickled watermelon rinds? Do people actually eat that?