Is this a real place?

As real as the nose on your face! (But, unlike your nose, and despite what our name might imply, we don’t smell.) Uranus is a roadstop destination along the historic Route 66, complete with a fudge factory, a number of restaurants, escape rooms, a sideshow museum–– even our own newspaper! We aren’t finished there, though. Uranus has got several plans underway for additional venues, so be sure to come and visit more than once! There’s no telling what you’ll find in Uranus!

Do you take credit cards?

We sure do! There are few things that Uranus can’t take.

Is Uranus, MO a fun and safe place for my kids?

Let us answer your question with a question: who in your family would get the biggest kick out of rampant puns and jokes?

Yeah, that’s what we thought. We at Uranus believe that there are no age-restrictions on having fun in Uranus! Our roadside stop is devoted to showing everyone a good time. Grab some ice cream at the Moonicorn, snag a group selfie at the Funkyard, or put your wits to the test at our escape rooms! That is to say nothing about the Fudge Factory and General Store. Bring your taste buds to life with our free fudge samples! Or peruse our giant collection of fun shirts and novelties! Our sense of humor is safe, guaranteeing no one, no matter how young, feels left out of the joke.

Do we need reservations for anything?

Reservations? Do you need reservations to have fun?

… the answer, of course, is ‘yeah, sometimes.’

For the most part, Uranus is open to walk-ins. Our on-site restaurants (Chicken Bones and Moonicorn) don’t require anything from you, save for a good appetite! Escape Uranus is also willing to book you an escape room on the spot, however, it might be wise to reserve a room ahead of time, just in case there’s a wait. You can easily book a spot online at www.EscapeUranus.com, where you also have the option to pay and fill out our waivers. That way, as soon as you get here, you can get straight into the puzzle-solving action without having to go through the whole legal safety mambo at the front desk.

How do we get to you from Route 66?

Let’s put it this way: you’d have to be actively trying to miss us. We are Located at Interstate-44, Exit 163, Right Outside of Fort Leonard Wood. Keep your eyes peeled for the giant neon sign with the words “URANUS” written across it. Alternatively, stick this address in your GPS: 14400 Highway Z.

We look forward to seeing you in Uranus!

What are your hours?

We like to mix it up in Uranus! We’re made up of several different venues, all of which operate on different schedules.

The Fudge Factory & General Store

Saturday––Sunday (8am––9pm)

Chicken Bones Party Bar and Grill

Monday––Saturday (4pm––1:30am)

Sideshow Museum

Saturday––Sunday (10am––8pm)

Escape Uranus

Monday––Thursday (11am––9pm)

Friday––Saturday (11am––11pm)

Sunday (11am––7pm)

Moonicorn Creamery and Funnel Cakery
Saturday––Sunday (10am––6pm)