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Show Uranus Model Search 2019



Show Uranus Model Search 2019 Uranus is searching for models. No, not model cars and airplanes or those crazy Japanese robot things, real models. You know, actual people who like having their picture taken. We’re calling it the Show Uranus Model Search of 2019. We really aren’t calling it that, but we figured if we […]

There are funny signs in Uranus!



One of the things that we’re famous for, here in Uranus, is our sense of humor. It’s glaringly obvious, as visitors walk around the property, that we think we’re pretty funny. Visitors are often seen taking pictures of themselves with our signs and posting them on social media. We love it and are happy to […]

Men Love Stuff From Uranus



Looking for a last minute gift idea for the man in your life?  Are you still trying to figure out what to give your crazy Uncle Bob?  Maybe you drew someone’s name in “Secret Santa” and have no clue what to get them.  Don’t worry, Uranus has you covered.      Uranus understands the basic wants and […]

How Do We Come Up With This Stuff?



Have you ever wondered how Uranus comes up with so many ideas for our products, billboards, and ads?  No, we don’t have a secret stash of 13 year-olds writing for us, but now that I think about it, that’s not a bad idea.  You might even be amazed to know there really isn’t much brain […]

Workin’ In Uranus: Red



Name: Red How long have you been working in Uranus? Since July 4th. Position? Magician/whatever What’s the best thing about working in Uranus? All the stuff with things. What do you want other people to know about Uranus? It’s really big and changes all the time. What do you do to get pumped up for work? The alarm clock. 5 Fun […]

Five Odd Things You Can Find in Uranus



Uranus is famous for fudge, but there are a whole bunch of odd things you can find while rummaging through Uranus.  Taking a deeper look inside, you may be surprised by some of the items you might find. We took a look around at all the fun, odd things that can be found in Uranus […]

Look Who’s Famous in Uranus!



Uranus is a popular spot for people of all kinds to stop and visit. This couple was on a honeymoon road trip and decided to make Uranus one of their stops after their Vegas wedding. We can’t wait till we open our own wedding chapel, then couples like this can get married in Uranus! “I’m […]

More Than Just Sweet Treats



Uranus Moonicorn Creamery and Funnel Cakery, More Than Just Sweet Treats Have you ever been poking around Uranus and thought “hmm, I could use a bite to eat”. Well, you can get a bite in Uranus at the Moonicorn Creamery and Funnel Cakery. The Moonicorn serves up hand dipped ice cream and fresh funnel cakes. […]

The Uranus Examiner Has Classifieds



We’ve been asked a lot about advertising in the classifieds…. Good news! We can now take your classified ads for the inaugural edition and beyond of the Uranus Examiner. You can drop by our office on the Uranus property (We’re located in the old saloon building), call us at 573-337-2646, or email [email protected] to inquire […]

Advertise in the Uranus Examiner!



Interested in advertising in the Uranus Examiner’s very first issue? We’d love to talk to you! CALL 573-337-2646 or email [email protected]! We’ll put you in touch with a salesperson who can answer all of your questions.

5 Things to Know About Uranus



We’re having a lot of fun in Uranus! As a very cool stop on Route 66, there are plenty of things to keep the whole family entertained in our little town from food, to sports, to games, and history. A stop in Uranus is a time you won’t soon forget and here are five things […]

Archery in Uranus!



Archery in Uranus? Oh my! Actually, Uranus has a pro archery shop and a level two certified instructor, Jake Kalkman. Jake is pretty well-known in archery aficionado circles. When the News from Uranus stopped in to talk with him about archery, Larry Lyle, a local customer happened to be in the store. Larry was in […]