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Little Willy returns to Uranus!



Citizens of Uranus are breathing a sigh of relief today as news of Little Willy’s return to Uranus spreads. Little Willy went missing in Uranus in April under mysterious circumstances and the Uranus Examiner’s own intrepid reporter, Jr. Cub Reporter Allie Jones brings us the full story.

Little Willy Missing In Uranus: Evil Dr. speaks!



Intrepid Jr. Cub Reporter for the Uranus Examiner, Allie Jones has not given up on the search for Little Willy missing in Uranus. Jones has been diligently investigating the case since Little Willy disappeared in Uranus in April. The citizens of Uranus are desperate for answers and many suspicions have been thrown at the Evil […]

The Launch of Uranus Films! Season Negative 1, Episode 1



From the desk of the Mayor of Uranus, The Honorable and Handsome Louie Keen HAPPY 4 YEAR BIRTHDAY TO URANUS! 4 years ago today, we opened the back door to Uranus and let the world come in to enjoy it!  I really want to thank the 1,000,000+ people who have come through our doors and […]

It’s time to blow out the candles with Uranus!



  It’s our birthday! Uranus is turning four July 2, 2019 and we couldn’t  be more excited because we’ve come a long way in Uranus in the last four years. Uranus keeps growing and we add new things all the time. The most notable new things in the last year or so have been our […]

Summer Extravaganza 2019



Not only does the Best Fudge Come From Uranus, but there is a LOT to explore in Uranus too. Escape Uranus Escape Rooms, The Moonicorn Creamery and Funnel Cakery, the Uranus Sideshow Museum, Chicken Bones Party Bar and Grill and Fort Uranus Outdoor Outfitters. All of that is featured as Jeremy Rabe explores Uranus in […]

Mayor Louie appears on Ozarks Fox AM with Jeremy Rabe



Mayor Louie made Jeremy Rabe of Ozarks Fox AM gag with more than laughter, literally, during his appearance on the show recently. Apparently spicy pickled quail eggs from Uranus Farms aren’t Jeremy’s thing! LOL. Also in this segment is the introduction of our Explore Uranus contest. Visit www.uranusmissouri.com/fun to enter!

New Evidence in Missing Little Willy Case Discovered



In a shocking turn of events, new evidence has been uncovered in the story of Little Willy missing in Uranus. The Uranus Examiner was anonymously provided a photo that appears to be our Little Willy entering the Uranus Dental and Proctology Clinic, prompting this editor to go undercover at the clinic. After being falsely told […]

Alien Encounter Described As ‘Kind of Awkward, Actually’



URANUS, MO––  A new set of extraterrestrials landed in Uranus last week to a lukewarm reception, according to reports from eyewitnesses. On Friday, April 26th, a series of reports flooded the airwaves, all describing something to the effect of ‘strobing blue lights’ in the night sky. Few residents were soothed by the attempts to explain […]

How much chewy, gooey, taffy can you handle in Uranus?



Did you know that there is chewy, gooey, yummy taffy in Uranus? Mayor Louie can fit 10 pieces in his mouth at once. How much taffy can you handle all at the same time? Watch this video to find out how many flavors of taffy we have in Uranus and see the Mayor manage to […]

Little Willy Missing In Uranus: Search Continues As Anonymous Source Speaks Out



Twelve days, and still no sign of Little Willy. Grief-stricken citizens redouble their search efforts, hoping once more to know the comfort of having our Little Willy in Uranus. The Uranus Examiner relays the story thus far, and provides a sneak-preview of the upcoming special, What Happened to Little Willy In Uranus: A Uranus Examiner […]

Uranus Examiner probes Uranus with Mayor Louie Keen Interview



The Uranus Examiner knows what the public wants. It wants Uranus. The people want to get a full, penetrating look inside Uranus. They want to see the driving force behind Uranus. That is to say, they want to see the Mayor. But, more than that, they want to see the man who stands behind the […]

Manager Tina Begs For Information on Lost Willy in Uranus



URANUS, MO–– As the search continues for the Uranus Fudge Factory’s beloved little Willy, Tina Elliot, manager of the Fudge Factory, holds a press conference pleading with the nation to lend Uranus their support and help find little Willy. Elliot delivers her heart-wrenching statement surrounded by her fellow employees, all equally disturbed by the recent […]