Uranus Sideshow Museum

Freaky and Crazy


Did You See That?

Come take a look at what we’re hiding in Uranus! Live animals, a bona fide sword swallower, a two-headed… what? Be sure to check out our sideshow and see the wonders of the second largest personal collection of oddities in the world! We’re always expanding, so there’s always something strange and new to see!

You won’t want to miss our crazy sideshow acts! In addition to the cool animals, there are performers on-site such as our sword swallower, Kat! These freaks of nature will make your mind run wild with our strange and unusual sights. Check out our incredibly rare two-headed bull shark and the sweetest albino Burmese Python you’ve ever seen! The Uranus Sideshow Museum has more than 100 exhibits to grow your curiosity! The history buff will love the exhibits and historical pieces from sideshows in America’s circus and sideshow history. Bring the family and explore our intriguing displays!

Can we take pictures inside the museum?

YES! Take all the photos you want and be sure to tag us and share them on our Facebook page or Instagram, our hashtag is #UranusSideshowMuseum and we are @SideshowMuseum.

Are the acts scary?

Our acts are meant to be interesting and exciting! We don’t want to scare away the crowd, but instead intrigue them to see what else we have in store!

Is the Sideshow Museum appropriate for children?

Nothing in the museum will jump out and scare a child, there are exhibits of real two headed animals and historical pieces from circuses and sideshows in American history. Parents should be the judge of whether or not that will bother a young child. In our experience, most children are fascinated by the oddities inside the museum.


Little Willy returns to Uranus!



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