Uranus Fudge Factory and General Store

Fudge Yeah!



Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs, Fri, Sat. Sun
8am - 9pm

P | (573) 336-8758

E | sales@uranusmissouri.com

It’s Pretty Sweet Inside Uranus!

The Best Fudge comes from Uranus! Just one taste and you’ll be asking for more! Come to take a look at our General Store where you’ll find our Fudge Factory. We have everything you would need, right here in Uranus. Stock up on candy, apparel, and, of course, fudge! Can’t wait to see you stop by and try Uranus’ Fudge!

We pride ourselves on having a friendly staff who is always willing to help you find whatever you need in Uranus. We have a wide array of products that we are sure you will love. Try one of our favorite products, the lavatory mists. Spritz before you go and Uranus will be smelling incredible! We also have items like our famous Hillbilly Weather Nuts. Watch our local nuts swing in the wind and bounce when it’s hailing. It’s foolproof to tell you what the weather is outside Uranus! We have unique types of creepy crawly candy that will leave you wondering if they’re real bugs or delicious sweets!

Where does the best fudge come from?

The best fudge comes from Uranus!

Where can I buy a shirt?

We have a variety of shirt options for you to choose from ranging from sizes small to 3XL. Check out our shop for all our styles and designs.

Will my kids find anything they like from the store?

Yes! We have lots of options for kids that they will LOVE! We have cotton candy, activity books, toys, lunch boxes, and more!


How is Uranus handling covid-19?



This is a serious question requiring a (mostly) serious answer. Uranus has been taking the virus threat very seriously and took steps to protect its staff and customers during the quarantine. On March 16, Uranus sent its staff home and shut its doors to the public in response to a quarantine order here in Pulaski […]

Can you name this piece of Uranus?



This is a small piece of a famous bit of Uranus….. The Uranus rocket, the Astroliner!

I Caught Mommy Giving Santa Fudge From Uranus!



Explore Uranus! Forget cookies! Santa wants Fudge from Uranus! Everyone loves Fudge From Uranus… Including Santa Claus! Christmas is around the corner and the Fudge elves are busy preparing all the fudge from Uranus to be delivered to good little shoppers all over the U.S. Did you know you can pre-order and tell us what […]