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Guns, Ammo, Archery, Fishing & a whole lot more!

Stop by and get all your outdoor essentials including guns! Uranus is here to provide you with the best outdoor equipment to make sure you have everything you need to be one with nature. We are your hunting, fishing, archery, camping, and outdoor headquarters in Missouri. Check out our gun collection and choose the best for your hunting activities. We have an indoor gun range to practice your skills! Don’t forget to check out our frequent poker nights so you can join the fun!

Our indoor gun range is a great way to practice your hunting skills and become a pro. Our staff is willing to help with any questions you may have about shooting techniques or what the right gun is for you. Our large selection makes it easier for you to pick exactly what you need. Stop by to check out our collection or practice your skills!

Do you carry guns?

Yes! We carry guns, ammo, guns, archery, guns, fishing, guns and a whole lot more!

Will someone be able to help me in the gun range?

Yes! We have trained instructors to help teach the perfect technique when it comes to shooting. They are there for your safety and comfort. They help anyone from beginners to experts, so don’t be afraid to start practicing!

How will I know which gun is right for me?

Our staff is skilled at knowing all the guns in stock and their abilities. They are here to listen to what you need and find the gun that suits your style.

Is there anything besides guns?

Yes! We have a variety of outdoor equipment that is perfect for anyone expecting to spend some time outdoors. Check out our large selection of gear for camping and fishing, along with clothing items and more.


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