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The Clock is Ticking

Nothing says family bonding like enclosed spaces! Get your head in Uranus and see if you can puzzle your way through our featured escape rooms! Even if you don’t make it, the fun you had trying to solve the puzzles, hints, and clues are sure to bring you closer. As the clock ticks in Uranus, will you be able to break free? Try our challenging escape rooms destined to put you to the test! Each with exceptionally thrilling stories to make you really think on your feet. Will you be able to Escape Uranus? Visit Escape Uranus and see if you have what it takes to break free!

So, come on in! You can try…


You’re handcuffed to your partners. You’ve got two clues, and 10 minutes on the clock. As a group of veteran criminals, you’ve got this! … probably.


This thirty minute (or 60, if you’re really feeling adventurous!) puts you through the ringer, as federal agents, you’ll explore the hidden lab of the recently deceased Nikola Tesla. You’re not the only one looking for his research though! According to your correspondents, a band of arsonists are gearing up to burn the place down, effectively erasing Tesla’s impact on history. Find his research before time runs out.

Did we mention that you’re completely in the dark?

30 minute or 1 Hour Room
25% Escape rate

The Facility (A.K.A The Uranus Dental and Proctology Clinic)

The Evil Dr. Keen’s Dental and Proctology Clinic boasts “the best cavity search in town!” but you aren’t in the mood to see if that claim holds true. Only terror awaits those brave enough to schedule a teeth cleaning and proctology exam. You and a group of friends are looking for a patient who had Scheduled an appointment here, but now you are locked inside the examination room. The patient has left you clues to escape, but it is up to you and your friends to solve the riddles before the evil Doctor takes you all on a terror trip through Uranus, where NO ONE SURVIVES! With 60 minutes on the clock, follow the clues in his operating room to find your way out, before the good doctor finds you!

1 Hour Room
36% Escape rate

Da Vinci’s Office
(A.K.A. The Holy Grail
is in Uranus)

You will have to explore Uranus to find the Holy Grail. The Mayor of Uranus has kidnapped Leonardo Da Vinci by order of the Pope of Uranus. You have been given word that you have one hour to find the Holy Grail. If you don’t, Da Vinci, you, and your friends will perish in Uranus. Luckily, Da Vinci left you riddles and puzzles that only the smartest and bravest can unravel. Do you have what it takes to probe the mysteries of Uranus in search of the Holy Grail?

1 Hour Escape Room
31% Success Rate

Tomb of Doom
After Dr. Cornelius Carter went missing on an expedition, inside a pyramid in Abydos, Egypt (oddly relocated inside Uranus) it’s up to your group of researchers to dig deep in Uranus to find him and help finish his mission. With 60 minutes’ worth of oxygen, can you find the seven stones and uncover the secrets of Abydos, or will Dr. Carter’s fate be your own? Hopefully, your brave team of researchers are up to the task and won’t let this mystery go unsolved in Uranus any longer.

1 Hour Escape Room
36% Success Rate

Am I really going to be locked in?

That wouldn’t be safe or legal so technically no, you will be able to leave the room if you need to.

How does the escape room work?

The name of the game is “Escape Room” — a literal description for a complicated endeavor. A team of people signs up to be locked in a room, and must find clues and solve puzzles to complete a given mission and find the key to escape.


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From the desk of the Mayor of Uranus, The Honorable and Handsome Louie Keen HAPPY 4 YEAR BIRTHDAY TO URANUS! 4 years ago today, we opened the back door to Uranus and let the world come in to enjoy it!  I really want to thank the 1,000,000+ people who have come through our doors and […]