7 Hidden Gems

Find The 7 Hidden Gems in Uranus!

There are so many fun things to find in Uranus, it’s hard to describe them all, however there are seven hidden gems that the observant visitor could be lucky enough to discover. Some of the gems in Uranus are huge, some are tucked out of the way, and others are hiding in plain sight. When you visit Uranus, see if you can find all seven. If you find all seven, drop us a line and tell us about it, don’t forget to send photos!

1. World’s Largest Belt Buckle

Uranus is home to the World’s Largest Belt Buckle. Certified by the Guiness Book of World Records, the belt buckle measures out at 13.371 ft. wide and 10.2 ft. tall and was designed locally. Uranus is a great fit for the World’s Largest Belt Buckle, as Mayor Louie said, “It’s gotta be big if it’s in Uranus!” The Buckle can be found in the rear of the Funkyard behind the Moonicorn Ice Creamery and Funnel Cakery.

2. Circus Wagon

Between the jail in Uranus, where Escape Uranus is located, and the Uranus Sideshow Museum, tucked into the courtyard, is our antique circus wagon. The wagon is an example of the many interesting or historical pieces that can be found in Uranus. We’re still researching our wagon, but it looks like it may have been home to birds or monkeys at one point and it’s definitely an antique.

3. Rat Boy

Rat Boy is the subject of some scandal in Uranus, most of the details of which were revealed during Mayor Louie’s last campaign for mayor. George “Rat Boy” Leonard escaped from the Sideshow and was discovered with his head in a mousetrap, a tragic death to be sure. Leonard’s body has been preserved and can be found in the Sideshow Museum in Uranus.

4. Zoltar

Zoltar is a world famous fortune telling machine. Zoltar was made famous in the movie “Big,” starring Tom Hanks, and Uranus has Zoltar right outside our Fudge Factory. Visitors can pay $1.00 and get their fortune from Zoltar. If you find this gem, and have your fortune read, we would love to know what the fortune said! “Getting your fortune told in Uranus is a once-in-a-lifetime experience!” Mayor Louie said.

5. Zippy the Raccoon

Looking up, once you enter the Fudge Factory, is a good idea. There are a number of things to see that are hidden in nooks and crannies around the perimeter of the ceiling. One of those is Mayor Louie’s pet racoon, Zippy. Zippy lived the same way he died, with candy in his paws. A freak allergy to pink candy developed in Zippy’s life quite unexpectedly and when he ate one too many pieces of the stuff he passed. To honor his memory, Mayor Louie has kept him around and he watches over the fudge factory with his favorite candy.

6. The Holy Grail can be found in Uranus

Mayor Louie gets up to all kinds of shenanigans in Uranus, some of the most outrageous, yet funny behavior helps keep the citizens of Uranus entertained. One of his adventures included kidnapping Leonardo da Vinci and hiding the Holy Grail in Uranus. Escape Uranus is the new home of the Holy Grail. If you try out the da Vinci room at Escape Uranus, you might find the Holy Grail. We can’t show you a picture of it because that would ruin the game, but you’ll have fun looking for it.

7. Mayor Louie through history

Mayor Louie is famous for more than mayoring in Uranus, did you know that? He was present for some key moments in history and Chicken Bones has the photos to prove it. An observant visitor can find Mayor Louie in photos that include Martin Luther King Jr, JFK, and other key moments in history. We encourage you to find the pictures in Uranus and grab a selfie with them. Bonus points if you can recognize all the historical moments in the photos.