5 Things to Know About Uranus

We’re having a lot of fun in Uranus! As a very cool stop on Route 66, there are plenty of things to keep the whole family entertained in our little town from food, to sports, to games, and history. A stop in Uranus is a time you won’t soon forget and here are five things you should know about exploring Uranus.

1. Route 66 in Uranus is a must-have experience

Dinosaurs are one of the cool things you can see when you visit Uranus.

Route 66 is a celebration of the unique and diverse of roadside America and Uranus is a great example of it. Where else can you eat world famous fudge and see a two headed shark? Nowhere else can you take your picture with a dinosaur, solve an escape room, spend time at the range, or tour a museum featuring historical sideshow pieces.

2. There are all kinds of cool things to see in Uranus

The ceiling of the Uranus Fudge Factory is home to a scale replica of a Leonard0 da Vinci flying machine, an ornithopter.

In the grand tradition of roadside attractions on Route 66, when you stop in Uranus, Missouri, one of the first things you’ll notice is a lot of unique things to see and take photos of and with. One little noticed item just takes a look up, when you walk in the Uranus Fudge Factory. Uranus Mayor Louie Keen wanted something unique to decorate the ceiling of the Uranus Fudge Factory and delivered big time with the ornithopter hanging there. The ornithopter is scale replica of a Leonardo da Vinci flying machine and only one of hundreds of unusual items in Uranus.

3. Fudge from Uranus is made right here

Fudge from Uranus is made right in the factory and visitors can watch as our fudge crafters create it.

The Uranus Fudge Factory has world famous fudge and it’s made right on the property and sold in the General Store. Visitors can watch the fudge being made via a window inside the General Store and get their fudge packed at the counter inside the store. Mayor Keen is a certified chocolatier who is very particular about the fudge produced in Uruanus. Not only is fudge available at the Fudge Factory General Store, but all kinds of other sweets are too, including taffy, chocolate covered confections, and much more.

4. You can get ice cream and funnel cakes in Uranus too!

The Moonicorn serves awesome ice cream and funnel cakes.

The Moonicorn Creamery and Funnel Cakery is the latest edition to the city of Uranus, Missouri. The Moonicorn is another of Mayor Louie Keen’s ideas brought to life. Miranda, the Moonicorn, shares her name with the smallest moon of the planet Uranus and resembles a dairy cow, but has an ice cream horn like a unicorn. The Moonicorn Creamery is a great place to stop on a hot day for ice cream or a funnel cake any time.

5. Shoot a gun in Uranus

Uranus boasts a heated and cooled, depending on the weather, indoor range.

Fort Uranus/Missouri Outpost features an outdoor store, but one of the best features of the facility is an indoor gun range. Visitors can stop in and buy just about anything outdoor sports related or try out the indoor 25 yard range. The range is air conditioned and heated making it a fun place to shoot all year-round.